Interesting Facts
about Kelp

1. Some places sell kelp tablets or kelp powder because of kelp's health benefits.

2. Kelp is rich in iodine, the same that manufacturers put in table salt.

3. Kelp has much protein, although it is not meat.
Find it in the Pacific!

Here shown below is a forest of kelp.

Kelp is one of the few species of multicellular protists there are. It is commonly found in shallow oceans and thrive best in cool temperatures with an abundance of nutrients. It is photosynthetic, which means like plants, kelp has chloroplasts that use light energy from the sun to produce sugars that it uses for food. Kelp anchor themselves to the ocean floor, so they are not able to move from place to place. Kelp is edible and is very nutritious for the human diet. However, if eaten in excess, it can cause harmful thyroid functions or thyroid disease.

Kelp reproduces in a sexual and asexual process. First, a mature kelp releases spores which grow into a immature kelp called gametophytes. There are both male and female gametophytes, and they mate to form yet an early-stage kelp called a sporophyte. Eventually this sporophyte grows into a mature kelp.