The domain of Bacteria inclues 1 kingdom, Eubacteria. Eubacteria is more common than Archaeabacteria. Contrary to popular belief, not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, our digestive systems depend on E. coli, a species of eubacteria, to digest food.

Fun Facts about Eubacteria:

1) used to make yogurt and cheese

2) can make bread rise (yeast)

3) cell walls made of peptidoglycan

4) some need oxygen, while others die of oxygen

5) some make food, others consume

6) are more numerous than other kingdoms

7) more in one human body than global population

8) can be killed by antibiotics

9) not as dangerous as they may seem

10) present in human body to aid body functions

11) unicellular

12) can move with flagella or flagellum

13) asexual reproduction: binary fission or conjugation