The domain of Archaea includes 1 kingdom, Archaebacteria. This bacteria is special and different than everyday bacteria (eubacteria) in yogurt and in our digestive systems.

Some Fun Facts about Archaebacteria:

1) Cell wall does not contain peptidoglycan.

2) Very ancient, more ancient than eubacteria

3) Live in extreme environments (intense heat/cold)

4) according to scientists, more closely related to eukarya than bacteria

5) most are consumers, while some produce their own food like plants

6) different kind of DNA than eubacteria

7) found in extremely salty lakes

8) discovered in late 1970s by Dr. Carl Woese

9) can live in toxic climates

10) belong to the prokaryotes (have no nucleus)

11) unicellular organism

12) archaebacteria are not proven to be harmful

13) can reproduce asexually by conjugation or binary fission