Kingdom Protista

Did you know that kelp is also a Protist?
And it's my favorite protist as well!
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Facts about Protists
1. Protists are classified by what they eat.

2. The 3 main groups of protists are: animal-like protists, that eat food; plant-like protists, that produce food; and fungi-like protists, that
consume decaying substances.

3. Protists are more complex than bacteria (more closely related to animals, plants, and fungi)

4. Most Protists are unicellular.

5. Examples of unicellular protists include euglenas, amoebas, paramecium, volvox, and diatoms.

6. Examples of multicellular protists include algae, sea lettuce, and slime molds.
Above is a drawing of euglena.
Here is a photo of paramecium.