Kingdom Animalia

One of my favorite animals is the kangaroo - check it out here: Kangaroo


Animals are the organisms most people are familiar with.
Here are some facts about animals:

1. Animals are found in a variety of biomes across the globe.

2. Carnivores are animals whose primary diet consists of meat.

3. Herbivores are animals whose primary diet consists of plants.

4. Omnivores are animals whose diet contains both meat and plants.

5. Animals are multicellular organisms

6. Cannot produce own food by photosynthesis

7. Has eukaryotic cells with no cell wall or cholorplasts
The Nine Major Phyla of Kingdom Animalia
are as  follows:

#. Name of  Phylum (examples)

1. Porifera (Sponges)

2.  Cnidarians (Sea anemone, hydra, jellyfish)

3. Platyhelminthes  (flatworms like planaria)

4. Nematoda (roundworms or parasites)

5. Arthropoda (insects, spiders, lobsters, crabs, daphnia)

6. Annelida (earthworms, leeches - segmented worms)

7. Mollusca (clams, oysters, mussels, octuopuses, conches, scallops)

8. Echinodermata (sea urchin, starfish, sand dollars)

9. Chordata (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians)